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Access Control Systems Based in Allison Park, Pennsylvania

Stop would-be burglars and other criminals from unlawfully entering your home or business with efficient access control systems from our Allison Park, Pennsylvania, company. Eltech Security Systems, Inc.'s access control systems eliminate the need for keys to unlock doors and other entryways around your government building, business, airport, municipality, or seaport.
Why not use our access control systems with our security cameras to verify that you are, in fact, the one going through the door? When you combine these two security systems for home security, you're able to watch live video of your living space. Combining these systems deters burglars and others who shouldn't enter your property.
Gate Systems
You don't have to worry about unauthorized people making it to your building when you employ one of our access control systems for a gate. We custom build and install gate systems to make it easier for workers and harder for criminals to gain access. A lot of our systems are computer-based and built here at our plant. We build our own systems for all of our programs.
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